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How To Celebrate Your Baby’s First Christmas

How To Celebrate Your Baby’s First Christmas

How To Celebrate Your Baby’s First Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner! You can almost feel the excitement building up. As the weather changes and the decorations start to go up, you just know that it’s going to be a very special Christmas this year. 

Perhaps the one thing that’s going to make it even more special is the fact that this is going to be your baby’s first time experiencing the season of giving! How exciting! What can you do to make the holidays more memorable for everyone involved, though? Well, here are a few ideas: 

1. Start by coming up with a holiday game plan

Are you spending Christmas with your family or your partner’s family? What about all the other holidays within this period, like Thanksgiving and New Year’s? Now that you also have a baby that everyone wants to meet, it becomes even harder to figure out how to split the holidays. 

This is why you need to make this decision several weeks earlier and make sure that everyone involved knows what to expect. Sit down with your partner and have a frank discussion about what you are going to do for each holiday. This will prevent anyone from feeling left out or causing friction between the families. 

2. As you plan for the festivities, remember to stick to your baby’s routine

With all the excitement that comes with your little one’s first Christmas, it is easy to forget that they are not built to be up and about for hours on end. Ignoring their routines will leave you with a fussy, unhappy baby in all the holiday photos. Therefore, while everyone might want a bit of them, remind them that they still need to stick to their routine and go down for their nap when the time comes. 

3. Give your little one some attention

While Christmas is an incredibly busy period, make it a point to slow down and spend some time with your baby. Get your partner to join in for some family bonding time, which babies totally love. You’ll probably remember these precious moments more than the gifts you got. 

4. Visit Santa

Visiting Santa at the mall may be a cliche, but the adorable photos you’ll get as a result aren’t! Plus, your baby’s first Christmas is the perfect time to do it because they do not have stranger anxiety yet. Looking into other people’s faces will get a smile or a laugh instead of shrieks. 

Visiting Santa is also a wonderful opportunity to go all out on a special cute new outfit for your little one. You cannot go wrong with Christmas themed outfits!

5. Make and send out your own holiday card

You want this year’s Christmas card to show off your baby. So get them a cute Christmas-themed outfit and have them play with something holiday-related like an ornament or a Christmas hat. Then snap away and capture those gorgeous pictures. 

If your little one is still too young to play alone, lay her down on a plain blanket and scatter some holiday-themed gift-wrap around. Once you get that perfect photo, there are dozens of websites that’ll help you create your holiday cards in a few clicks. 

6. Splurge on the perfect Christmas outfit

Of course, you need to buy them a nice Christmas outfit to go with the festivities. It isn’t Christmas if you don’t get to dress them up in cute holiday-themed outfits

Matching pajamas for the whole family are always a great starting point. Then get a nice set of cute slippers that they’ll be able to wear for at last another few months. 

Christmas sweaters are another great choice. There is no shortage of fun, unique designs. You can also get onesies with Christmas designs, Christmas pattern tops with matching bottoms, or get an entire outfit featuring Christmas colors. 

Also, don’t forget about bibs, socks, and stockings! 

Final Thoughts

Your little one’s first Christmas should be a time of joy. You have even more reasons to be happy because you’ve had quite a journey together so far. This is just the first milestone of many more to come. 

With the tips outlined here, the festive season should be a lot of fun for both of you. So go ahead and enjoy the Christmas cheer! Merry Christmas!

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