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How To Make Mom’s First Mother’s Day Special

How To Make Mom’s First Mother’s Day Special

How To Make Mom’s First Mother’s Day Special

If you recently became a dad, first of all, congratulations are in order! That’s no mean feat! If you are here, it means you are looking for ways to make the woman who made you a dad feel even more special. And there is no better day to do this than on her first mother’s day! 

So what can you do? How can you make this amazing woman feel extra special on her first mother’s day? Well, here are a few ideas.

1. Let Her Sleep In

Start the day by letting her sleep in for a few more hours. Every new mom would appreciate an extra hour or two of sleep in the morning. So take over everything and head out with your baby so mom can sleep in without any interruption. Before heading out, make her a nice breakfast and leave it on her nightstand with a nice note. 

2. Get Her Some Flowers

What are her favorite flowers? Get her a bouquet of those. If you have no idea where to start, get carnations, lilies, orchids, or poppies. Whatever your choice ends up being, it’s important to remember to get her some flowers. 

3. Don’t Go Big

The first mothers day is about family. No need to involve babysitters or book vacations. Just stay at home together and enjoy each other’s company. So take a walk together, go for a picnic, eat some nice food, and make it a day about what an amazing mom she is. 

4. Write Mom A Card

Write her a heartfelt handwritten card. Make it nice and pour your heart out. This will make her feel extra special because it shows that you were thinking of her. 

5. Dress Up The Baby

Today is the day to dress the baby up in her cutest outfit. Take pictures together as a family. And take over all diapering and changing duties for the day. Mom shouldn’t lift a finger today. 

6. Take Care Of House Chores

You need to make sure mom has as little to do as possible. Mother's day is about her, and she needs to relax and enjoy the day. This means you are on diaper duty for the day. Also, do the vacuuming and the cleaning so mom does not have to go into mom-mode for the rest of the day. 

7. Invite Family To Spend The Day With You

If you have family members living close by, invite them over to enjoy the day with you. Make it happen especially if your partner wants to celebrate her mother as well. Mother's day is about celebrating mothers, so whenever possible, get your mom and your mother-in-law involved because you would never have become parents without them. 

8. Start A New Tradition

Start something you can repeat every year. This could be anything. A walk around town, buying new kids' clothes together, playing board games together, watching your favorite movie together, or even just making her breakfast in bed. 

Final Thoughts

It should go without saying that doing something special for mom should be an everyday affair. However, mother’s day calls for pulling out the big guns and pulling all the stops when it comes to making her feel special. With the ideas outlined here, hopefully, you’ll be able to make that happen. Good luck! 

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