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How To Give Your Child’s Bedroom A Facelift

How To Give Your Child’s Bedroom A Facelift

How To Give Your Child’s Bedroom A Facelift

Your little one’s bedroom is their personal space. It is their sanctuary and oasis where they get to rest and rejuvenate every night. However, if you are not careful, your child’s bedroom can quickly get messy and untidy, turning it into a stressful environment to be in. 

Whether you want to decorate your little one’s room for the first time or you simply want to give their space a facelift just because, this guide is going to outline all the best ways to make your child’s room as beautiful and as relaxing as possible. Here is how to give your child’s bedroom a facelift. 

1. Use A Soothing Color Scheme

The first step is to ensure that your child’s room has a nice, soothing, color scheme. This is an effective way of making the bedroom more relaxing. Some great options include soft colors such as gray, shades of blue, lavender, and blush. With a soothing color scheme, your child’s room will instantly become a more peaceful and tranquil space for them to be in. 

A nice color scheme will not only make the bedroom look stunning, but studies also show that it is an integral part of promoting healthy sleep. You can either opt to paint the whole room one soothing color or break it up in creative ways. Alternatively, you can also use neutral-colored walls and soothing colors for the bedspreads. 

2. Paint The Walls A Dark Color

Dark walls give a room a simple yet sophisticated look. With the right dark color, your little one will also be able to sleep better because it has a soothing effect. Some great options include deep red, charcoal gray, rich blue, and forest green. These colors trigger a calming sensation by creating a dreamy atmosphere, encouraging deeper sleep in the process. 

If painting an entire wall a dark color sounds intimidating, you can simply go for a darker lampshade or bedspread instead, both of which will have the same effect. 

3. Get A Cozy Rug

Having a nice, cozy rug in your child’s room is a great way to add warmth to it. This is especially true if you have hardwood or laminate floors. With a nice rug, they won’t have to step on a cold floor first thing in the morning. Instead, their feet will get hugged by the soft fibers of a cozy rug from the moment they get out of bed, setting the tone for the day. Plus, bedrooms with nice rugs in them just feel comfortable to be in!

4. Include Textured Pieces

Add textured pieces to your child’s room to make the space more visually interesting. Focus on soft textures to create a relaxing, soothing space. Add pillows to make the bed look comfortable and inviting. Match the pillows and the bedspreads to have an even greater calming effect. 

5. Keep Decor Minimal And Functional

Do not clutter your little one’s bedroom with decorative items. This will only make the space feel cramped. If you have to use decorative items, keep them minimal and functional to make it easier for your child to relax in the space. 

6. Implement A Bedtime Routine

Bedtime routines are important for children because they remind their brains that it is time to go to sleep. Kids are creatures of habit, and within a short time of implementing the bedtime routine of your choice, their brains will be able to recognize when it’s time to sleep as soon as you start the routine. This will put them at ease and make it easier for them to get a good night’s sleep. 

Your child’s bedtime routine should include activities that encourage them to relax, such as reading, taking a warm bath, drinking some warm milk, listening to a bedtime story, or brushing their teeth.

7. Clean Your Child’s Bedroom Regularly

A clean bedroom has a calming effect on children. Cluttered or dirty spaces are more stressful for them to be in. If you want their bedroom to become their oasis, ensure that it is regularly cleaned. Apart from daily cleaning sessions, give it a deep clean every once in a while to ensure that it stays clean for longer. Mop, dust, wash the windows, and don’t forget about the baseboard. Also, make it a point to teach your child to get rid of clutter as soon as things start to pile up. 

8. Bring Natural Elements Into The Bedroom

Finally, bring in some nature. Plants will add color to your child’s bedroom without being overpowering. They also bring some life to the room. Great options include fiddle leaf fig and monstera as long as the room is well-lit. Plants also have a soothing presence that will help your kiddo sleep better. 

Final Thoughts

With the tips above, you should be able to take the decor of your child’s room to the next level and add lots of character to it. This way, their bedroom can finally become an extension of their character and space they enjoy being in! 

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