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Where To Place A Rug Or Playmat In The Nursery

Where To Place A Rug Or Playmat In The Nursery

Where To Place A Rug Or Playmat In The Nursery

Rugs and playmats in the nursery are gorgeous and convenient alternatives to regular wall-to-wall carpets. Unlike carpets, they are easier to remove and clean. They are also less of a commitment because you can easily switch them out if you get bored with them or if you want to redecorate the nursery. 

If you want to give your nursery a facelift, knowing where and how to place your rug or playmat is key. Having the rug or playmat in the wrong place can throw off the flow and look of the room instead of complementing it. The good news is that there are certain rules that, when followed, will allow you to place your playmats and rugs perfectly in your nursery and any other room in your house. Here they are: 

1. Make Sure It Extends Under The Furniture

Get a rug or playmat that extends under all the important pieces of furniture in the nursery. If there are lots of pieces of furniture in the nursery, it all depends on how you have it laid out. If you are trying to make the space feel bigger, get a bigger rug that fits under all furniture. 

2. Don't Be Modest On Size 

This is one common mistake that a lot of people make. If you are going to use a rug or playmat to decorate your nursery, get one that is large enough to make the statement you intend it to. A smaller rug or playmat will likely diminish the nursery and not have the desired effect in any room you place it in. 

3. Cover High-Traffic Areas

Think about the highest traffic areas in your nursery and ensures that the rug or playmat covers those areas completely. This will ensure that both feet are on it at all times. These will prevent instances where one foot is on the rug or playmat and the other is off, which can be uncomfortable and awkward. 

4. Think About The Crib

When it comes to the nursery, the size of the rug or playmat will be affected by the size and position of the crib to some extent. When it comes to the placement in the nursery, you have a few options. The most common way of placing the rug or playmat in the nursery is partially under the crib. To achieve this, you’ll want to lay it perpendicular to the bed. You should then drag it under the bed, stopping a few inches, such that the rug or playmat is halfway under the crib, with the crib centered on top. This placement gives you a comfortable surface to step on while also maximizing the usable space. 

Alternatively, you could place the rug at the foot of the crib or in the middle of the room to help pull the decor together and add interest to your nursery. Ideally, the best rug or playmat for your nursery should be large enough to extend beyond the sides of the crib.  

5. Leave An Equal Amount Of Floor Space

When placing a rug or playmat on the floor of your nursery, consider leaving an equal amount of floor space on all sides. The rug or playmat should leave about eight to twenty-four inches of floor space on all sides. This creates a sense of order and uniformity in the nursery, which also keeps the rug or playmat centered in the room.

5. Don't Be Bfraid Of Color And Pattern

Most rugs and playmats have playful colors and patterns. These patterns add a fun character to the nursery, bringing about a sense of liveliness. If this is the effect you are going for, embrace colors and patterns as you shop. 

Final Thoughts

There you have it: with the tips outlined above, you should be able to easily find and properly place any rug or placemat in your nursery. Be sure to check out our rug and playmat collection for some inspiration!

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