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When Should You Introduce Toys To Your Baby?

When Should You Introduce Toys To Your Baby?

When Should You Introduce Toys To Your Baby?

If you are looking for the short and sweet answer to this question, it’s this: it’s never too early to introduce toys to your little one!

Perhaps The Question You Should Be Asking Is This: What Is The Right Toy For Your Little One? 

Why? Because while there are toys for babies of all ages, it is your job to make sure that whatever toy you get for your little one is age-appropriate. This is the only way your little one will be able to harness the developmental benefits that come with playing with those toys. 

When your baby is born, they are all about eating, sleeping, and crying, right? Wrong! They also need lots of playtime. In fact, studies show that for infants, playtime is almost as important as sleep time. It is through playtime that babies learn more about the world around them, developing vital skills as they go. 

Apart from improving their physical and cognitive development, playtime is also a great way to bond with your baby. And interacting with that little bundle of joy every day is exactly what you need to do to become a better parent. 

So, now that you know just how important playtime is, where do toys come in? 

Well, playtime needs to be fun for both you and your little one. Babies have limited attention spans. While making funny faces may be fun for a few minutes, they’ll get bored pretty quick and you will soon have a screaming child on your hands. 

Toys take playtime to the next level by making it engaging. When you get the right toy for your child’s age, it will grab and hold their attention for longer. This will lead to longer stretches of playtime, during which they will develop essential skills. 

Materials For Baby Toys

Toys For Babies Come In Many Different Materials. 

For young babies from 0 to 6 months, you can get soft toys, hard plastic toys, or wooden toys. 

Softer toys are great for teething. They can be chewed on and provide some relief to your little one as she grows her first teeth! 

The only downside with soft toys and teethers is that they get dirty very easily. While they will not hurt your baby’s gums as she chews on them, you will have to constantly clean them to keep them free of germs. 

Depending on the materials used to make them, some hard toys can also be chewed on. However, most hard toys do not last too long as they cannot withstand a baby’s constant gnawing very well. Some wood toys will chip and fall apart, while plastic ones will simply break. 

Therefore, it is extremely important to only buy high-quality, well-made toys when choosing a toy for your 0-6-month-old. 

On the plus side, hard toys are easier to clean. All you have to do is wash them with warm water and soap and dry them with a cloth or let them air dry. 

Final Thoughts

As you can see, it is possible to introduce toys to your little one right from infancy. You just have to make sure that you get the right age-appropriate toys to engage them and stimulate them. With the tips and recommendations outlined here, you are already halfway there. 



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